Saturday, 30 April 2011

Anzac Spirit?

From Miss Gillard: "Australia and New Zealand are very close friends. We share a strategic outlook, we share common bonds, we share our long-standing Anzac tradition, and of course we share a partnership based on our economic integration." During Australia's "summer of hardship" she also said:

"At a time of hardship and grief, Australia will always be there to help. Always."

Sadly, this doesn't apply to us kiwis who live work and pay taxes in Australia. The "Lost Kiwis" who have SCV and will never be able to access help from Australia for Future Disasters, Illness, Crisis, Abandonment, Homelessness etc.

Its proven that getting a PR and to become a Citizen in Oz is increasingly getting harder to obtain.

Kiwis don't come over to grab Ozzie jobs..they come because they want to work and in most circumstances their future Australian jobs arrange this.

Kiwis are not wanting "hand outs' either. They help pay for them. The Trans- Tasman Bilateral Agreement is proven Discriminatory.

It seems the Govt is willing to accept kiwis and their taxes but in difficult circumstances through no fault of their own, they are not willing to help.

Some Kiwis end up on the street after years of working in Australia and the Govt.s answer is to send them home via Charities....Anzac Spirit and Mate Ship in Oz? No!...Miss Gillard must of been speaking about our Apples!

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